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Kenya's Leading Quality Meat Exporter in GCC Countires

The company currently satisfies the requirements of International Hygienic Standards, seeks to modernize Meat Processing Facilities in Kenya.


Our Products

Lamb and Goat Meat

At Meat Fest Halal Exporters Limited, we export high quality Australian, Pakistani and Arabic breeding lamb, goat and cow meat in GCC countries, aming to update facilities that already exceed international hygienic standards for processing Halal meat. In order to ensure a Halal & Hygienic integrated Halal meat value chain through a Compliance Regime starting from the animal origin up to the end consumer.

We Are Concerned

Hygiene and Quality Standards

Our top priority is to offer hygiene products with obligations. We very seriously recognize that flavor, taste, and quality cannot be altered. Every step and process is thoroughly hygienized by our staff, personnel, and meat practitioners; this includes hand washing, hand disinfection, boot dip and disinfection, boot wash and scrub, as well as boot wash and disinfection. We also take part in routine swab tests for microorganism count and post-slaughter cleaning and disinfection.

Quality Meat @ Meat Fest

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Saudi Arabia






Message of CEO

Meatfest Halal Exporters Ltd has grown to be one of Kenya’s most reputable and well-known producers of premium beef, mutton, and related products for domestic and international retail, industrial, and foodservice markets. Meatfest Halal Exporters Ltd is dedicated to environmental improvement and is currently working to implement environmental management systems that meet ISO 14001 standards. Meatfest Halal Exporters Ltd products surpass all pertinent national and international quality standards in terms of technical quality. Additionally, Meatfest Halal Exporters Ltd has received global BRC certification.